Business gift giving traditions vary widely from country to country. To avoid potential awkward situations, take a few moments out to learn some pointers about gift giving in international relations.

The Art Of Business Gift-Giving

Japan: Gift-giving is deeply rooted in the Japanese culture. For your Japanese relations, gift-giving is as critical as the gift itself. Gift: Obviously look for something that reflects the interest and taste of the recipient and has practical value to them. You don’t necessarily have to buy expensive gifts however you can give extravagant gifts in international relations without making them look like bribe. But it is recommended that expensive gifts be given only to high-ranked officials. Wrapping: Wrapping should be simplistic and not very colourful or flashy. Gift wrapping should not be white under any circumstances because white symbolises death in Japanese culture. Presentation: Always leave a hint about having a gift for your recipient beforehand. Present the gift at the end of the occasion and never beginning. Present the gift with both hands. Don’ts: Never give a low-quality gift. Never gift an individual out of a group without giving gifts to the rest of the group members. Do not give gifts with company logo on them. Also, never give monetary gifts. Misc: In Japan, gifts are usually given mid of the year or beginning of the new year. But gifts can be given otherwise as well to reflect that it is the relation that is important and not the gift. The recipient will decline the gift either once or twice before finally accepting it. Do not give up.

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China: Gift giving is a rather strict discipline and It is not recommended that you give gifts to individuals, whether they are low or high ranked because it could be seen as a form of bribe. Give gifts in groups so that it appears that the gift is being given to the company rather than the individual. Gift: Extravagant gifts are not socially or morally acceptable in Chinese culture because this could project the image of a bribe. Unlike Japan, Chinese culture encourages gifts with brand logos because it would be seen as a form of advertisement. Wrapping: Blue, black and white symbolise death in Chinese tradition. Therefore, a gift should never be wrapped in any of these colours. Brighter colours such as pink, yellow and red could be used because they symbolise happiness. Don’t use red ink to write anything because red symbolises a severed relationship. Presentation: Never give Clock as a gift because in Chinese culture it has a meaning similar to death. Sharp objects such as knives, scissors or letter openers because they symbolise a severed relationship. Misc: In China, the recipient will deny or decline the gift more than twice before finally accepting it. It is recommended that you don’t give up before their acceptance.

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Pacific Rim: These countries are very similar to Japan in their gift giving traditions. People in these countries downplay the importance of gifts and you are expected to do the same. The gift is usually presented as the end of a visit and it Is considered impolite to open a gift in front of the recipient. Taiwan: Do not give anything made locally for a gift. Thailand: Wrappings should be bright and colourful and should not be ripped open as it is considered impolite. Korea: You can give expensive gifts in Korea because generosity is highly appreciated there. Malaysia: As is it a Muslim country, you need to take some precautions that we have discussed in another article. Anything deemed prohibited or haram by Islam should never be given as a gift.

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Middle Eastern Countries: Arabs appreciate politeness and generosity when it comes to giving gifts. Arabs generally present the gift in the beginning of a visit and you should try to match the quality of their gift. Never present a gift to the wife of any business partner nor do inquire about her health. Present gifts with your right hand only. The rest of the precautions are the same as Muslims. Consider cashmere, scents, stones and silverware for gifts for Arabs. Latin American Countries: In these countries, the gift giving culture is considered very thoughtful and highly appreciable. Gifts are seen as a way to reinforce personal and professional relationships. You are not expected to present a gift in the very first meeting. Avoid giving leather gifts because world’s finest leather is produced in south American countries. Gift giving traditions can be tricky in global relationships. But a little research and exploration can save you from a lot of embarrassment in front of your existing or potential business partner.