Wearing brands like Gucci or Louis Vuitton will naturally give you an edge over those who don’t, just about anywhere you go. To observe more about this particular mental behaviour, some experiments have been conducted in various institutions. In one such experiments, a number of students were divided into three groups to observe how wearing a high end brand, a low end replica and a basic tee distinguish someone from the others in a job interview.

Consumers Prefer Quality over Quantity

It was observed that the applicant wearing the high end branded tee received preferential treatment as compared to others. For one, they had a greater chance of getting hired. Two, once hired, they were likely to be paid a higher salary. On the other hand, applicant wearing the low end replica received only 2.4% votes from the viewers as compared to the 15.6% LV wearing applicant. The applicant wearing the basic tee received zero votes.

Clothes for Interview

In another experiment, a number of fundraisers were made to wear the outfits in the same fashion. It was seen that the fundraisers supporting a high end outfit received 53% more response and funds as compared to the other participants that received 33% and 22% respectively.

Cheap vs Expensive T-Shirts

From these experiments, it was concluded that this behaviour could be a strategy in inducing benefits from others. A luxury item instantly elevates the status of the owner in an observer’s mind. So that when someone invests in a luxury item, he/she is attempting to display financial, physical and moral superiority over others.