This blogpost addresses the icing on cake. That is to say, the wrapping of a gift. Most of us are not good at it and we resort to giving the gift as it is. Even though we love nicely wrapped gifts but we are unable to make one ourselves. But lets reiterate the importance of icing on cake and how it is unavoidable to make the cake memorable. Same is the case with gift wrapping. It holds the excitement of discovering what is inside. With that, we present some ideas that are wannabe at gift wrapping could easily pull-off. There’s a reason that all those creatively frosted cakes are so popular. They are all the same on the inside. But it is the frosting that gets everyone’s attention. Below are some quick and handy tips for your first attempt at gift-wrapping. Good luck!

Gift wrapping for corporate and promotional gifts

Tip 1: Choose a solid colour for the basic wrapping of your gift. It is simple but more is less with muted gift wrapping. Tip 2: Try to achieve dimension and crispness in the wrapping. This Is usually easily achievable with putting things in boxes and then wrapping them. Tip 3: The tape you use to hold together the edges of the wrapping should be clear and equal a the edges to give a clean look. Tip 4: The final touch is added with a thick ribbon. You can pick either a contrast colour to the wrapping or a shade darker or lighter than the wrapping paper. Tip 5: If you are using gold or silver wrapping paper, try finding a fancy twine, in either the same or contrasting colour. Tip 6: And that is it! You have a crisp, nicely wrapped, elegant looking gift ready to be delivered! This is it you guys. We hope that the ideas we shared help you in nailing the gift wrapping.