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Android Code-up Competition

Google Student Ambassador Noor Zehra

Android Developers Fundamentals is a course developed and offered by Google for teaching students about android and and developing apps using android. The course is aimed for final year CS students but anyone interested can enroll themselves. The course start from as simple as developing a hello world program and goes upto developing complete apps for users. This course has been included in the course work for final years students in many universities in various countries. In this context, an Android Speed-Code competition was organized Business and Management Consultants (BMC) and coordinated by one of the Google Student Ambassadors Noor Zahra.



Google Student Ambassadors – Join Google Student Team

Google Student Ambassadors – Join Google Student Team by Salman Zafar

Google has always been keen towards gearing students to join it. Events by Google are frequent so as to encourage and motivate students to become a part of Google. Google Student Ambassadors, Join Google Student Team is yet another one of Google’s venture of inspire students to join the Google team. Such ventures are promoted and conducted by Google Student Ambassadors. A similar session was performed by Google Student Ambassadors-Join Google Student team by Salman Zafar at Government College University to let aspiring students have an opportunity to apply their skills and affiliate themselves with Google.


Session on Blogger and AdSense

Google is keen on helping you make good money either by joining them or on the other hand by simply writing blogs. Blogger is Google’s free tool for sharing text and pictures and videos. Not only that, you can also place ads on your blog or any website of your own for that matter to maximise your earnings. Adsense is yet another of Google’s attempt at letting you make easy money.Through Adsense, you can be sure of posting ads because only the highest paying ads will be published. To familiarise students with both Blogger and Adsense, Google Student Ambassadors was conducted. Take a look at the pictures from the session.


Smart Search Competition

Google is one of the most (maybe the most) popular search engines in the world so much that the term has now become a verb itself. If you can’t find something, you can go “Google” it. Over the years, Google has tried to improve the ease it offers its users. There are now smart ways you can search via Google and achieve the best results. For familiarizing students with smart searching and how students can benefit from various tricks for searching via Google, a session was conducted by Google Student Ambassador Noor Zahra. Giveaways manufactured by Business and Management Consultants (BMC) were also distributed at the end of the session.

LGS Women empowerment session

Reema Bajwa, Google Student Ambassador

Women of today are no less than men. Anything a man can do is not a problem for the women. They may not be better but they are equal more often than not. Google also realizes the role and part of women in every aspect of world today. Which is why it has launched the “Women Techmakers”. In addition to this, random session on women empowerment are also encouraged by Google. An event of on the likes took place at Lahore Grammar School which was conducted by Google Student Ambassador Reema Bajwa where she highlighted the role and need of women in technology.


Workshop on Blogger

Google is keen on helping you make good money either by joining them or on the other hand by simply writing blogs. Blogger is Google’s free tool for sharing text and pictures and videos, that too free of any cost. Doesn’t get any better does it? You can go spill your heart out blogging and actually make money out of it if it’s creative enough. Well, technology is a blessing after all isn’t it? So, for ease of students, Google held a session for introducing them to this very tool, which was conducted and coordinated by Google Student Ambassador.



Online Earning Mediums and GSA Program

Google keeps launching different programs and services to make our lives easier, Google Student Ambassador, Adsense, Blogger to name a few. More media, all the more opportunities! To introduce and guide students regarding how can they use Blogger and Adsense in order to to earn their own money, and on what this GSA program is and how the students can become a part of it, Google Student Ambassador Muhammad Armaghan conducted a workshop in Government College University where students from all kinds of domains participated.


Google for Entrepreneurs

Google for Entrepreneurs is yet another initiative by Google for financing and providing monetary support of entrepreneurs and startups with catchy and creative ideas to provide and nurture technologists of future. Following this program, a Google for Entrepreneur Week was launched across the globe. This week was also scheduled to take place in Pakistan where different cities were hosting the event. Entrepreneurs and startups were asked to submit their ideas and if the ideas were good enough, Google agreed to finance their startup/idea. In Islamabad, this event was organized, managed and coordinated by the BMC team.




WebDev Workshop For Beginners

Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning, simply known as WebDAV is an extension of the traditional hypertext protocol that lets you perform remote content authoring tasks and sync different file systems supported by your native OS with an online server. Google has launched its own version of this application for Google Drive, Calendar and much more, in order for you to be able to access from virtually any location. To further elaborate the utility brought about by WebDAV for Google Drive, GSA Noor Zehra conducted an introductory session for students.



Back to school with GSA

Back to School by Google offers different all-in-one chrome books that provide support for notebooks, writing and stationery for students who would soon be back to the school life. Even those who are going to be in school for the first time ever, Google definitely has something for everyone. For shedding light on the convenience of chrome books, Google Student Ambassadors threw a session for students and aspirants and how they can benefit from the lack of hassle of carrying multiple stationary items.