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Orientation SEECS

SEECS is an undergraduate program offered by NUST Islamabad for various electrical engineering specializations as well as postgraduate and PhD. NUST has collaborated with Google to educate and guide students who bear interest in either electronics, computer systems, networks and communication. A session by Google Student Ambassador Noor Zehra was held at NUST to educate and brief students about SEECS and Googleโ€™s collaboration.


Google Apps for education & GSA program

Google has multiple applications and programs that have made life so much easier from people from all aspects of life and work environment. Blogger, Adsense, WebDAV, Smart Search, Google Dart, G-Site, Google Student Ambassador Program name a few. To introduce and guide students regarding how can they use all of these different application in order to to earn their own money, and on what this GSA program is and how the students can become a part of it, GSA Muhammad Armaghan conducted a workshop in Institute of Social and Cultural Studies where students from all kinds of domains participated.


Google in Education

Google for Education is an initiative by Google as the name suggests where tools for teaching, engaging and educating children regardless of the time, place or device. The objective is to make education as convenient and as easily accessible as possible. Not only tools, financial grants are also provided under this program to schools and education programs. To educate students about the use of Google for Education, Google Student Ambassador Raja Tahir Qaiser conducted a session on Google for Education program.


GDayX Pakistan

GDayX is a conference organized by Google Business Group with a mission to bring business professionals together for sharing knowledge of how businesses can grow on the web. GDayX was organized and managed by BMC on 15 March, 2014.