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Google Hackfair Pakistan

Google Hackfair is a global platform for developers and technologists to showcase their ideas, projects and products incorporating technologies offered by Google. Be it a robo server, a dress counsellor or a language translator, Google Hackfair Pakistan gives everyone the opportunity to execute or propose interesting, creative, out of the box yet practical ideas. It offers an upfront and straightforward approach to share your ideas and your love for technology with the world.

Google Hackfair Pakistan

Google Hackfair took place in Pakistan for the first time ever where many aspiring technologists and developers came forward with many intriguing and smart ideas, products and Projects. These ranged from everyday life, agriculture, music, fashion and what not. It was situated in Arfa Karim Technology Park and was organized by Business & Management Consultants (BMC) and hosted mutually by Plan9 and Google Inc. This Google Hackfair Pakistan consisted of many different activities which included Product/Project/Idea Showcasing, Goodies, Seminars, Motivational Speeches.

A special note of appreciation goes to the organizers and hosts who managed to arrange and execute the whole event with such expertise and for making sure that everyone left happy.

Here is a sneak peek of the Hackfair. Take a look. Cheers.









Google HackFair T-Shirt

Android Student Clubs – Giveaways

Android Developers Fundamentals is a course developed and offered by Google for teaching students about android and developing apps using android. The course is aimed for final year CS students but anyone interested can enrol themselves, given that they have had a hands-on training with java.The course start from as simple as developing a hello world program and goes upto developing complete apps for users. This course has been included in the course work for final years students in many universities in various countries.

Business and Management Consultants (BMC) has coordinated and sponsored with Google upon the said initiative and are also going to be giving away goodies to students who take participate in or contribute to these android events.